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Urban south Italy

1/35 - HDMD35009

Kit directly 3D printed contains resin parts to be assembled and painted.

"War in Italy" set 4

scale 1/35

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Third set dedicated to foutains; in this case we move to the south Italy, in particular in Puglia. It consists in four items:

N° 1 Fountain

N° 1 street sign

N° 1 circle manhole

N°1 manhole

These objects were completely designed from scratch and highly detailed as in the style of our company.

The fountain consists of four elements in resin , the hat is removable as in reality to give wide possibilities for customization. Manhole covers, as in our standard, are widely detailed with blending brands and leave opened.


Apulian Aqueduct

The Apulian Aqueduct is the public infrastructure for water-drinking water supply of the Puglia region and some towns of Campania.

Its construction, strongly supported, among others, by Antonio Jatta, was launched in 1906, with the intention of solving the millennium problem of water shortage in the region already Horace described the Puglia as a thirsty land: siderum insedit vapor siticulosae Apuliae (comes through the roof the heat of Puglia thirsting).

In fact, not being the Apulian soil rich in easily removable water, it was always endeavored rainwater collected in cisterns, which did not guarantee sufficient quantities and the necessary prevention of epidemics.

The work was advocated by some Apulian deputies who obtained the first creation of a study commission which followed the financing and assign the works concession, following an international tender.

The construction work was possible thanks to the use of large financial resources (125 million lire of the time) and materials, so there were those who had to predict the impossibility of the same.

During Fascism, they were made in other areas of service trunks not yet reached the aqueduct: among these, the main one is called Big Siphon Leccese and constitutes an extension of the main channel to the monumental waterfall that ends in the sea, occasionally used as a drain terminal the great aqueduct work, painted at the foot of the shrine of Santa Maria di Leuca, the last offshoot of Salento. The terminal work was inaugurated shortly before the start of World War II from the same Benito Mussolini, who on this occasion gave the Roman column installed along the access to the sea.

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