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Italian R.E. fuel accessories

1/35 - HDMD35011

Kit directly 3D printed contains resin parts to be assembled and painted.

scale 1/35

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Set dedicated to the classic 200 lt drums supplied the Italian R.E. 3D printing allows us to offer the completely empty drums with the correct thickness, and you can have fun to pack drums with different written and decide whether to put the caps or not. Also we are proud to present you the tin of SIAP 20 and SPLENDOR 5 liter. Inevitable two funnels.

The kit consists of the following items: 

N° 3 200 lt drums of Italian R.E.

N° 6 barrel lids 200 lt

N° 6 caps for drums of 200 lt

N° 1 large funnel

N° 1 small funnel

N° 2 tin by 20 lt

N° 2 tin by 5 lt

These objects were completely designed from scratch and highly detailed as in the style of our company.

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