Our company

Passion and technology , are the ingredients that gave birth to the project HD Models (Highly Detailed Models). Years of Passion for model merged with the 3D technology , and new frontiers were opened in the world of scale model , resulting in Modelling 2.0.
We have no limits in proposing at any scale accessories, figurines , busts and everything else, is that we produce on commission.

  • Making accurate historical-uniformology research
  • Modeling subjects with highly detailed details
  • Print subjects with professional 3D printers.

Our team

Fabrizio, painter of figures with national and international recognition , with extensive experience in CAD design , mechanical and architectural , history lover of all ages . The passion for digital sculpture is born to play, almost a challenge to recur in another whole new world to discover completely . Playing a 3D object has become a goal to be overcome every time . Those who want to challenge?

Fabio, AFV modeller and creator of scenes appeared on the most important magazines of the modeling industry, with national and international awards, with long experience in the IT sector, is the founder with Vincenzo of 3DZ Roma LTD

Vincenzo, expert in 3D printers industry is responsible for all commercial aspects, marketing and merchandising of our company. Founder with Fabio of 3DZ Roma LTD